Has anyone acknowledged the smart economics behind series such as Lost, Heroes or 24??
A most heady cocktail of attractive people, intense acting, stunning visuals, strong scripts, better screenplays and the culmination of every episode at exactly the point where you are chewing the nail of your little finger after the nails of the other more unfortunate fingers have been consumed over forty fast minutes. So you keep watching, and you keep watching.

And you keep watching.

I should know. I have been addicted to all three at various points of time over the past couple of months. Currently Sujatha and I am at our nail-biting best with season 4 of 24. We have been sprawled across the bed, ordering in, taking 5 minutes breaks every 5 hours to take a breather. One of the reasons why I haven't been blogging too much.

But I shall be back. After another 18 episodes. And 24 hours of recuperation.


The Poodle's Friend said...

Isn't 24 on season 6 already?
It's so cool that you get to watch all these shows. I never watch anything in Italy because it's all dubbed, and dubbed TV shows really really suck. In fact, pretty much everything sucks when dubbed.
Heroes. Is it worth getting addicted to? Is it bad enough to prevent me from doing any work? Should I watch it?
You will be blamed for any unfortunate consequences, if I do. :D

MISSquoted** said...

oh yes 24 izzz on season 6...but my friend had season 4 lying around. and me lying around. so ;-)

heroes is pretty good. lots of parallel stories, some are way too farfetched...but it keeps you hooked...
i shall face the consequences...

raman said...


i loved 24 too..finished season 3 & 4 in 36 continuous hrs..ask me hw it feels..at d end of it, i almost felt (or rather did not feel) like i had no legs..keep at it..

raman said...

n by d way, can i add ur blog to my links??