I managed to edge in two movies last weekend into my raucously busy schedule of imbibing, imploring and immaculate lethargy.

First I caught The Namesake in Bangalore. I did not like it in the least. The book was authored with a slower pace that unravels the story of Gogol Ganguly over the years with certain details stretched thin to leave behind that indelible impression; for instance his first trip to India was important in the sense that it made for academic comparisons to the next trip on the death of his father. But the movie progressed at breakneck speed leaving little room for me to grasp and understand. It disappointed albeit the Bongness put a smile on my face. Annaprashun, and the traditional Bong wedding with the odd white makeup on the bride's and groom's faces made me yearn for papta maach, goopi gayan and erm....Oh! Calcutta.

Didn't do the book justice. Although Irfan Khan was tremendous, Tabu was fine, Kal Penn cute ;-). And was that Moshumi chick steaming hotttttttt, killer legs! Ahem.

I followed it up with 12 Angry Men. And boy, was that some watch. A movie that starts in the courtroom, continues in the jury room and ends on the steps of the courthouse. With 12 (yes angry!) men who divulge not names, not occupations, not any other details that begin to define us as who we are. Nothing except stark and strident reactions. The camera focuses on an individual from time to time for 5-7 seconds, which is absolutely fatal in theatre (focussing the audience's attention on one actor that is), but which just beautifully describes the jury. And we feel an intimate connection with each, trying to understand and defend their actions.
And Joseph Sweeney was much the adorable ol' fella with a piercing glare and larger than life countenance. Provided with some (un)intentional comic relief. Me liked very , very much.
The movie incidentally is adapted from a play and was nominated for 3 Oscars. And it depicts that how often we see just the grime on the glass, and forget to wipe it and see through. Comes highly recommended.

And speaking of recommendations Yann Tiersen has captured my imagination. Google for more details. Watch Amelie for further. And succumb to melodious sin. Sigh.


the idiot said...

its paapda maach..and goopi gyne..and tht moushumi chick looked fat and much for the bongness in you..heh

surajsharma said...

Uncanny as it might sound, I half expected you to write something about 'the namesake' one of these days. Thanks for the succinct "review", now I'm not going to watch the movie. (Unless Jhumpa Lahiri makes a cameo somewhere (does she?) :P)

Oh and that Amélie Poulain movie never ceases to amaze us, haven't the time to check out the soundtrack, but will do so soon.
(I wonder how many people are doing it right now?) ;)

Anonymous said...

I think 12 Angry Men is one the mostt amazing movies ever made . Shot in one room , with 12 people and it's all talking ! It was awesome . Henry Fonda was too good !

Dhruv said...

So is Namesake worth a skip?

MISSquoted** said...

the idiot: I am trying. sigh.

suraj: please do watch the movie. i presented my opinion but of course. you might like it who knows. especially if you havent read the book. and do check out the soundtrack. tremendous.

anonymous: awesome. oh yes.

dhruv: i repeat. do watch it. you might like it[especially if you havent read the book yada yada]

Kartikeya said...

I just needed somebody to bring up the Namesake...a long and bitter rant will probably not do justice to this exercise in creative idiocy, but here goes nothing.A jarringly boring tale of a lil lost bong boy in the big bad world.Characters without motivations and loads of irritatingly obvious references to barely concealed and ill conceived ironies.A film detailing mundane brahminical ceremonies in vivid colour and explicit detail, to cater to the thirsty for exotica firangi.If indeed one desires to die of a massive dose of cinematic lunancy, follow up Ms.Nair's magnum opus by another anti climactic brain number,Naseerudin Shah's Yun hota to kya hota.

MISSquoted** said...

kartikeya: hullo hullo. how goes? and i have heard such overwhelming positive response for the namesake that well i am glad to hear your rather raspy rant :)
kindred spirits something?

weedwanderer said...

more like enraged that i'm suitably well versed with the formulaic creations of indian authors in english ,its hard to get my expectations up..let alone get disappointed.but mira nair had to go ahead and sucker us into watching this no show.whats worse is with all the leading proponents of alternative cinema acting in this one, its more of a sucker punch.Leading with the feigned right hook and catching us square on the noggin with the left.'s good...i got a couple of admits so will prob be pursuing that..watup wit u..

Anonymous said...

junglee stop maroin fundas..

Kunal Garg said...

I like it everytime someone praises 12 angry men...btw did you happen to see it's hindi version 'ek ruka hua faisla'...that's also kickass