...especially when I click on that fear-inducing, minatory monster of a button ['Click this and you CANNOT cancel your score'], inhale-exhale in quick, efficient burts and peer through my narrowed eyes trying desperately NOT to see...
But, wait...hang on...noooo...I did well?? Eeeep. [My latest Calvin inspired ejaculation]


And its true. I managed to whip some pretty ass. And I tell you this, it feels mighty good :)
Life looks good. Beloved friend is flying up north to induce some frolic into my post-GRE life. And beloved parents are flying me up norther [and mostly wester] to lovely, lovely exotic lands. Beloved hair from the hirsute-y body has been removed amidst much cringing. And beloved dresses can be donned again!
And the Osian film festival comes to Delhi on the 20th! Last year I sat beside pretty-miss-perfect Raima Sen and watched The Bong Connection [yes! An entire year before it was commercially released]. It was great fun, as I sat there in the dim auditorium ensconsed most comfortably in a palpable environment of bongness. Not as much from the movie [no, it was not as bong as expected...what a pity], as from the excited Bongs all around me. Talkative maashis (aunties), somber kakus (uncles) and big-eyed baccha log (youth junta). I remember myself smiling a lot.

I have been a regular at the Osian film festival for the past two years. I have watched all kinds of movies; Iranian, Chinese, Indian; silent, colourful, vulgar; and I am so glad it comes now into my wonderfully free life. There is a God.

So I shall be posting my reviews soon. But never judge a book by its cover, or a movie by missquoted's blog entry. Maybe I will see you at the film festival then :)


TS said...

Well done I say. Spit spot and all that.

Suraj Sharma said...

"Beloved hair from the hirsute-y body has been removed amidst much cringing"

thank you for this grotesquely poignant piece of personal information, it made me think of burlesque dancers for some odd reason and now there's this huge grin on my face ;D

Sudhir pai said...

he he!
i'll let the personal details pass, and i'll give you a congratulations in writing! :)
high fives!
good show!
we expected nothing less!
hey what are the movies being screened?
there was one film festival in hyd which screened a 100 movies, and if it was not for my interviews still pending, i would've watched a few...damnit!!

aandthirtyeights said...

20th of august?

Szerelem said...

Well done!!! so when do u leave on the holiday?? and reviews please!

Trinity said...

Congratulations !!

Ishita said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MISSquoted** said...

ts: :)

Suraj: burlesque dancers are not the only ciliated ones I will have you know that!

Pai: thank you thank you

aandthirtyeights: Nope, 20th of July.

szerelem: on it..!

trinity: thank you :)

Karmic Incense said...

Ahem Ahem and all that aside, did you kick ass in style or what?? :)

Mucho happiness here in the South.My Plans to fly up North shelved for the time being, what with the Harvies coming down all the way to wave me goodbye ;)