I shall call it a sabbatical. An unnecessary sabbatical. But here we are and back on the road.

Whatever prompted me back into the deliciously real world of blogging again? A class assignment. Yes you heard me right. If facts are to be believed then 80% of a 1 credit course dedicated to blogging shall contribute towards my final grade. And the first question is ‘Who am I?’ Easy? But, of course.

About as easy as back when I was preparing for my TOEFL examination, and the voice prompt egged me on to describe my room and dumped a 10 second timer on me for necessary preparation. And so I spluttered “My room is….erm…large. It is bright and colourful. I love my room. Uh…” Nervous laughter punctuated the monstrosity of a meaningless sentence. Describe my room? I can talk how digital technology is revolutionizing the microfinance sector, and how the Global North needs to stop monopolizing. Period. But describe my room? Splutter. And then some.

Since when did I become such a complicated creature that the details in my very own bedroom started escaping me? The deep magenta wall, flanked by light wooden wardrobes with inward ridges. The giant television set that still has cable, covered by frilly peach fabric. Just about worse than Nat Geo in Hindi. But just about. Because, really I watched MTV Splitsvilla all the time.

Therefore, ‘Who am I?’ will be answered. With much aplomb and symmetry. But it really isn’t as simple as I would imagine. For starters, am I a Grad student? A Post-Grad student? Did I just complete my under-graduation? Or those nights I spent away in a desultory daze courtesy copious alcohol, were they not really celebrating my graduation? Sigh. Welcome me to the United States of America.



suraj sharma said...

I welcome you to the USA. Home of the brave, and land of the freebies.

Outsource your assignments.

Anonymous said...

You have always been a convoluted creature my Love! Your seemingly "simplistic assumptions" are a testimony to the labyrinthic thoughts that fill your head up...! Anyway, the discussions were sorely missed. Welcome Back!

aandthirtyeights said...

Yayyy!! Good you're back. Much lowe.

Sudhir Pai said...

*rubbing my eyes*
*pinching myself*
Look who's back?

Anonymous said...

Wooh! Someone's back and how?

Much love. And then some ;)

Salil said...

And there you go again! Sigh! :) You are messing up the demand- supply balance madame!!

Anonymous said...

change the background pic. its an eye sore. and this is isnt the dark ages.