Because, one is trying an experiment. To begin with - a post once every two days. But days that begin Indian time, and end two days later American time. Oh, but do you not realize? I am trying to hoodwink you. Now, how may I inflict my stellar intellectual vestiges on thy divine self? Do you want me to relate music drivel, sing cinematic praises, else reflect bookish platitudes? Or might I attempt to reveal my divine self to thee - little by little. But you see, I have so little to tell.

Suggestions welcome. But since you have been far and away for so long dear friends, I think this one just might be my call.


Sudhir Pai said...


just an occasional 'hi, wassup!' would be nice!

how are ya, ishita?

Sirop. said...

It's 27 July today. I know no one keeps resolutions but you have to try first!

Bina said...

Oh but you absolutely have to post up something soon, Ishita!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


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