Because when you are walking down the road lined with trees and their rich, green foliage promises a world of opulence…
And then the seasons change and the birds migrate and the clouds shed…
And you are walking down the road lined with trees, naked and stripped, and suddenly a virulent emptiness assaults you…
Why are people cynical anyway??
Why do they fail to notice the snow-white flakes descending languidly and settling on the bare branches with a meditated intention?
Or the carpet of white that invites you to dance on it with a rare abandon?
Or the sun shining lightly but gallantly, trying to spread some warmth and cheer?
Because ‘all you need is faith and trust, and a little bit of pixie dust…’
Peter sure as hell knew what he was talking about.


thick blochh red sun said...

Pixie dust makes one sneeze.
But, you get something much better than snot.

Lets fly.
Lets fly.
Lets fly.

Joylita said...
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Cobainess - ambalika said...

well done!wonderfully written. since u did mention..I'd like to add a few more words by Peter..

"When there's a smile in your heart
There's no better time to start"

Cobainess - ambalika said...

well.. its a bloody small world.. who would have thought.. outta the hundreds of blogs i read.. i'd leave a comment on my school juniors blog..

damn nice!!

Keep up the great work.. i am an assured visitor..:)

Anonymous said...

Now , I really din believe you"re from

MISSquoted** said...

a very provincial observation miss/mister anonymous...care to explain that comment??