3 books

1. The adventures of Peter Pan, unabridged and illustrated.
Auyon claims it is very rare. ~!@##$%#&_)(!!
Cobainess – ambalika quotes:
‘When there's a smile in your heart,
There's no better time to start.’

2. Catch 22 – current read, ‘Yossarian wanted to live forever or die in the attempt.’
That kills me! – Gagan, you know exactly what I mean ;-)

3. My name is Red - intended read.
A Nobel Prize can do wonders to your readership…right Jhelum??

3 albums

Someone sagacious once said ‘Patience is a virtue.’ And those two startingly scarlet horns sticking out of my BIG hair ensure that I cosciously condemn such generalisations [Aaaaah generalisations…]
Can seldom get through an entire album unless it is assorted stuff.
If it’s one of those songs that ‘will pick up’ then you better have some pretty smooth advertising because if I do not like the beginning, I will probably not get to the end.
But 3 songs?? That I can answer…

1. ‘Let me take you down coz I’m going to strawberry fields…’
Sprinting through my head at breakneck speed. With the wind in my (BIG) hair…

2. The American baby intro[Dave Matthews] – murderous!

3. ‘This is goodbye.’
Porcelain[Moby] – journeying ;-)

3 movies

1. American Beauty – remember that polythene bag that catches the light breeze and just prances about?

2. Monsoon Wedding – I miss home ;-(

3. Lost in Translation – coming soon to a blog near you.

3 thoughts

1. I love reminiscing. EVERYTHING is funny in retrospect.

2. Google is simply brilliant. And sounds uncannily like ‘googly’.

3. Being tagged [highly, higly consciously FYI] lets me pretend that I’m rich and famous and combat those rapid fires. Give me what you got you paparazzi you!!

And I tag myself ;-)


Prashanth said...

"That kills me!" I'm sure j.d.Salinger would appreciate that too...

MISSquoted** said...

a little plagiarism is allowed prashanth ;-)

thick blochh red sun said...

yeah i did it too.

And by the way i dont think we can call it plagiarism.

It was a common American phrase in the 50's and 60's.
So was "Holy crap" but nobody calls it plagiarism if u use it.

MISSquoted** said...

point noted!
i guess unconsciously the moment i steal a famous guy's line it become plagiarism.

if u were my source gagan...i would have insisted i came up wt it first!!
believe you me ;-)

thegreatestmidget said...

bloo de blee

Szerelem said...

My name is Red is wonderful!!

MISSquoted** said...

i started reading it szerelem...will keep you posted ;-)