I am petulant and irascible after sadly outlandish supplications for attendance. 75% is preposterous. No, really.
I attempted some tried and tested techniques of de-stressing.
a) Bumped into Gagan and Prashanth at the canteen who combined forces with Ara to create a sufficiently jocular atmosphere. The subject was me. I laughed. For a bit.
b) Tried writing about relevant topics and significant themes. You know how writing helps you unwind.
c) Started listening to a lot of classical music. Can’t wait to tell my dad that I love Catch-22 and appreciate Figaro’s Wedding and The Moonlight Sonata. Maybe it will be easier to get that expensive phone now…

But the actual purpose of this inadequate post is to mention what I have been listening to lately.

a) Beethoven’s 5th Symphony – sunny, tiptoeing, climactic and overplayed.
b) Schubert’s Symphony 5 – twilight, the hills, the horizon, dancing in white...the sound of music…hmmmm…
c) Mozart’s Figaro’s Wedding – abandon.
d) Maria Callas’ Figaro’s Wedding – free.
e) Bach’s Brandenburg Concert no. 3 – people, pace, suspenders and top hats ;-)
f) Beethoven’s/Mozart’s Moonlight Sonata – moody. My personal favourite, comes highly recommended.
g) Ravel Bolero is excellent. Most excellent.
h) Oh and Oasis’ Don’t look back in anger is on repeat [spot the odd man out!!]

They call it association, or something esoterically technical like that. This is a ridiculous post. Too personal.
I am petulant and irascible.
You had been forewarned.


pai said...

tch!tch!(*shrugging my shoulders*)
academic formalities can be so severe on ppl like your esteemed self, who belong to a class of your own.tch!tch!what will the world come to?
hey do let me know if you do manage to get into your dad's good books(catch 22 and the rest) and more importantly if he does buy it!and a new phone too! i could do with a lil loan to buy myself a new phone too...i am on the look out for ppl who'l support the noble cause.
wow! your playlist is beyond me...
the only western classical my ol lady plays is vivaldi,chopin and Handel, besides the one i am currently listening to,yngwie malmsteen's concerto suit of the electric guitar!!incredible album!!
does'nt look like your phone can be coaxed into receiving calls!sigh!
lets jus put it on my list of disappointments!!!

MISSquoted** said...

i actually listed an overplayed playlist.
it almost included chopin...but i haven heard the funeral march in a while ;-)

see you soon!

thick blochh red sun said...

I am sorry i made you irascible.
It shall not happen again.
(Now that i have looked it up in the dictionary)

thegreatestmidget said...

what are youn saying! "Dont look back in anger is a classic"!! Knock wood! lol...
Your playlist is also missing Schumann...have a cd of him at home. Have a feeling you'll likeit after going thru this playlist. Oh and there is this cd of celtic harp that you simply must listen to! Get it from me sometime.

MISSquoted** said...

i never once insinuated that 'don't look back in anger' is NOT a classic. it only falls under a different genre.
forgive any ambiguity.

Prodeep said...

since u hv acknowledged some genetic lineage in ur earlier post and hv posted some not-so-eclectic musical choices (beethoven 5 etc..may i suggest johann pechelebel's canons and richard wagners gotterdamerung as well as dance of the valkeryies. me thinks u may like them in ur current state of mind. bear that wagner was adopted by the nazi's as the creator of true aryan music (drums, cymbals etc.) but at the core wagner epitomises a certain majestic splendour in western classical, not heard pr composed much after beethoven, who brought in drums and pipes in a major way into western classical, which otherwise was mostly strings based