1. An overworked Xerox machine.
2. Scattered paper, rough notebooks, blue pens, mismatched stapler and pin sizes.
3. Cigarettes.
4. Coffee.
5. Cigarette ash in coffee cups.
6. A filthy room *gasp! shudderrrr....DIE*
7. Inflicted Insomnia.
8. Expected Inflections *winkie winkie*
9. Unsolicited advice on love, life and little ones.


See you after the 6th of December.


Tathar Faelivrin said...


eksoifj0iwh4u tfidsvjisdofgojsfigvidngjisfidugjihi!!!!!

Crizzie Criz! said...

I still wake up in the middle of midnight, sweating, thinking about my MA exam, a year and a half after it is over.

Scary exams does that to you.

After a while, you wake with a start, smile, turn around and go right back to sleep.

Scary exams, after a point of time, does that to you too.

All the best! Kick them exam butts!

MISSquoted** said...

tathar faelivrin: you need to take deep breaths...
and no that was NOT intentional ;-)

crizzie criz: extra, super, duper, trooper long sighhhhhhhhhhhh...

ps-i finally linked to u ;-)

Gagan said...

oh....ok. too much oestrogen in the atmosphere nowadays no?
too much i say.

The Greatest Midget said...

good luck! i need it!!

Prashanth said...

oops!..I'm a little too late.... next time....

MISSquoted** said...

broadcast: thank you thank you.
need bonanaza bumper luck though :-(

Gagan said...

'tis the season to be jolly trala lala la la lala la....deck the halls with boughs of holly...trala lala la la la lala l *cough* *sputter* *choke* *die*....+-(

Crizzie Criz! said...

greeker and his corleone. I love you bebo, for you called him Corleone!

And didja say ''brought up on a diet of films?''

Maybe you would see my docu on cockfights and the 'short film made in a day' with the theme nature and violence...

The Greatest Midget said...

i hate exams...bleargh