'and has it ever been that love has known its own depth until the hour of separation.'
- Khalil Gibran

Truer words were seldom spoken.

So much is taken for granted. Sharing cheery banter, toothy smiles. Sharing toothpaste. Exchanging ideas and colours. Chasing beautiful dreams and beautiful men. Ruffling each others feathers. Ruffling bed sheets. Imposing opinions. And imposing ‘funereal music’.

And perhaps the moment of clarity is truly a timeline of bygone moments, some so real and overwhelming. Others so banal. And so overwhelming.

Because it will never be the same again. ‘My life as I knew it, is gone.’

Yes, we will meet sometimes to grab at the diminishing moments to relive a different age and culture. And we will indulge in colourful nostalgia, rife with exaggeration to make the outsider believe in our colourful lives. Then you or I will extend a dismissive wave and a flippant ‘you should have been there.’

You really should have been there.

Here is to looking ahead. And glancing behind.


weedwanderer said...

Aldous Huxley spoke of the doors of I have come to percieve it..more like the doors of deception.People spend the greater part of their lives fooling others and in some measure,themselves.Filling in vivid technicolour to garnish colouless memories.But then again..whatever makes em happy yea? Alfred E Newman wisely observed...What,me worry?

Tathar Faelivrin said...

oh so senti over a goodbye...jhelum i assume?...
u shared toothpaste?

S said...

spoken with the fluidity of one who knows. :)

here's to living and unliving.

MISSquoted** said...

weedwanderer: garnishing my memories with a little yellow, blue, red, green makes me plenty happy.
and alfred e newman was as mad as they come ;-)

tathar faelivrin: is sharing toothpaste so wrong?? now toothbrushes on the other hand...

s: one who knows. one who lives. and one who welcomes more. ;-)

Sudhir pai said...

Well spoken!
here's to living the change!

MISSquoted** said...