Is it not delectable?? *smirk smirk*
I am absolutely obsessed with colour these days. Colour and hasty, vivid strokes and deviation. And I'm always obsessing with big, giant, COLOSSAL words.
My stand on Nietzsche remains undeclared. I have his works at home. I have not read them yet. My dad described the 'superhuman' theory to me once. I started reading the Sin-city graphic novels consequently [and if YOU have not then please squat and lay two eggs for me].
As for the ever-controversial mustache I will reserve my opinion.
Which brings us to 'we go to paris instead'.
I wanted to edit that and make that Goa, where incidentally I should be headed tomorrow night if the stars shine bright and they shine right. Goa has been jinxed so far. But I have vowed. I WILL go. And I WILL return with some nice-goa-sand-which-probably-is-a-banned-substance-as-well to prove the same. Hah!
Oh the above painting is by Maira Kalman. Her work is happy and crazy and I just know she has danced to 'The Psycho' OST with a rose dangling from her mouth. I KNOW IT.
I will leave you with a brilliant observation by Jhelum. Look carefully at Nietzsche's arms...two strong strokes starting from the shoulders and dropping to his chest. He has crossed his arms. Aaaaaah...simple and sweeeeeeeeeet.
By the by, my current favourite word is Dichotomy. Does it not bring to mind biology?? Hahahahahaha....apologies.


Prashanth said...
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Prashanth said...

I'm sorry...I can't lay eggs....ever...wait...thats also biology.
nice painting actually mostly what she has written....

Tathar Faelivrin said...



hmmmm....hmmmm...(someone save me)..hmmmm...hmmmm....

Kya philosopfeee hai bhai?...koi hamay samjhao..

pai said...

so finally your esteemed self has made a foray into graphic novels! that surely gives us more fodder for
dangling coversations does'nt it?

MISSquoted** said...

prashanth: you lack the eye my love...the EYE.

tathar faelivrin: hmmmm...hmmmm....and...hmmmm

pai: dangling conversations are always the best aint they ;-)

Anonymous said...

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