Currently I am revelling in an inconveniently blah mood. I am busting my ass over the software requirement specifications of a tracerouter [project bluuuuuuuues], and it is entirely disconcerting to imagine the degree of blahness at this early a stage.
The reason I must do this by myself is because my project partner is headed out of town tomorrow for the Surathkal fest. And by the time she gets back, I will be en-route to Bombay. Yeah baby!
I am adequately excited. I will be travelling with my Roger Waters-free-pass-provider friend [yeah yippeee yeah!] who is also striving to get us free entry into some of the city's hot nightclubs. Aaaaaaaaah happiness.

Ok fine. I lied. I do not care so much about the partying. I do care about the Waters concert though. I have grown up on Floyd, which is why it was sufficiently easy to convince my Floyd-philic folks to finance my Bombay trip. And I will be meeting up with some old friends in a city that I have always enjoyed visiting. Yes, yes. I AM adequately excited.

Now that my project beckons, I must take your leave. But once the blah-o-meter gets red hot, I shall return. Oh yes, I shall.
Maybe the Satriani in the background will help....NOT.
[heeeeeeeeeee........Borat influences.]


surajsharma said...

I distinctly remember someone asking me once if Pink-Floyd was a brand name for another condom, but seriously it's good to see someone who believes in the whole old-skool philosophy. I don't think i'll be able to see Roger Waters this time, but then, I can't say that last time wasn't any good, especially love the song "Time", which is awesome in it's Pink-Floyd-ness, and Satch!, god bless his soul =)

This is suit is not black.

surajsharma said...

ooh you're reading Milan Kundera!
now i can't help but form opinions about you in my...oh well, as long as you're not reading Ayn Rand, it's all good. =)

MISSquoted** said...

I like the joke better than the unbearable lightness of being actually...i didnt quite like the approach...
and i am not quite a huge fan of ayn rand...although thats based on the read of fountainhead and just that.
as for floyd, i like em. but i am more a dire straits, beatles kinda person ;-)
and i cant believe i missed jethro tull last time...*sadness*

this suit is black pause not??

surajsharma said...

it would be dishonest of me to conceal the happiness i feel at knowing that you find it hard to accept the notions of objectivism in the philosophy of kundera or rand, i too, believe that you can't really see the bigger picture if you get too objective about life. So I'm always glad to know people who don't buy that crap. But that's not all, because in the hierarchy that correlates music to my life, i place dire straits above pink floyd as well.

similarities! yay! :)

surajsharma said...

Taking of books, "A spot of Bother" (also by Mark Haddon) is not all that bad. Oh and I heard they were making a movie out of "The Curious Incident.." book. Cool.

MISSquoted** said... thing at a time. you generalise too much!
the fountainhead propagates the 'objectivism' theory does it not. and yes the ideas are too ideal and too incompatible with a real-time, real-life scenario that say you and me experience, therefore, my inablity to appreciate its thoroughly comprehensive notions.
as for the unbelievable...the idea was more personal, although it was approached in a haphazard and all-encompassing way. i lost the chain somewhere...therefore didnt quite like ;-(
reading the curious incident...liking it. have you read the little prince by exupery?? i think you might like it...
the floyd concert was super! expect a post soon...

surajsharma said...

I believe in the theory of principle duality, so there are two kinds of people in the world, those who think that there are two kinds of people and those who don't. Is that a generalization? Allow me to explain:

Kundra is a half-assed moron who tried to beat Confucius but lost fair and square, I mean sure, the intellectuals in Europe would like to disagree but they're (mostly) just a bunch of confused faggots :P

Rand, on the other hand, wasn't completely wrong, but she closed her eyes to the possibilities extending throughout the infinite universe.

and..little prince? do you mean the french fairy tale? no i havent read it, but maybe i should since this is the second time i've heard someone saying it's good.

Eagerly waiting to rant on the Floyd concert and the goa trip :)

Pi said...

Sexy time?

Oye, wanted to recommend mogwai to you. Post-rock, etc. Find it, listen to it.

MISSquoted** said...

mogwai?? i am on it ;-)

currently downloading the discography of santana. black magic woman and sideways makeme happy...heeeeeee

Confused & Baffled said...

pink floyd as well as the ayn rand motif introduced? i couldnt stop from commenting.

perhaps not taking each and every ayn rand philosophy to heart might help in appreciating what she urges us to accept. i've been told often enough that i'll outgrow all this in a couple of years and i dont know, maybe i will. but it feels very right as of now. maybe not in entirety and in every dimension of life, but in several ways it does.

coming to the other, its my lasting regret that i have not grown up on Floyd. but i'm been on the right track for a few months now, and im all the more blessed for it.

also, since songs are being recommended around - beatles! the best of the best are the ones little known compared to the rest* - across the universe, while my guitar gently weeps, here comes the sun.

*wee bit of unintentional rhyme. i didnt know i had it in me.

surajsharma said...

my dear c&b, if you don't take to heart what you read it's perhaps because (a) you read too much harry potter erotic fan fiction. or (b) you came fixed with a pacemaker. I would rather bend over and spank myself than accept what my heart rejects. and that includes harry potter :)

just an opinion though, and you're free to have your own, and for the love of god, have a sense of humor about my insanity.

Confused & Baffled said...

@suraj: i do i do.

surajsharma said...

@c&b: lol. good to know :)

MISSquoted** said...

confused: oh well i read the fountainhead long back you know, and i found it very difficult to relate to. i mean there are plenty of books with fantastic situations[the outsider that i read recently is an example] but there should be some connection, and i just didnt feel that. forgive.
welcome btw ;-)

suraj: hawwwwwww...i thoroughly enjoy potter! dissimilarities??

Confused & Baffled said...

thanks. nice place you have here.