‘And when wind and winter harden
All the loveless land,
It will whisper of the garden,
You will understand.’

-Oscar Wilde

Of the beauty of words, and the sensation blithe that pervades et al; I finally convinced my prejudiced and provincial self to concede to listening to some instrumental music [italics reflect big nose scrunches and cheeky cheeks acrobatics]. That was some months ago. I began with the tried and tested [and inherited] classical paraphernalia and gradually progressed to Satriani and the likes. And every time I heard a piece which engaged in an ‘irreconcilable differences’ attitude with its nomenclature, I would be terribly disappointed.
I was listening to girl in a blue dress* today and I love it! Except it sounds like a woman with short, tidy hair in a grey suit. Walking in an unsullied metallic environment with a determined glint in her intense eyes. Terribly disappointed #1.
But then there is whale and wasp by Alice in chains. Which sounds exactly like what the name suggests.
[but the wasp is a fairy in my head…*grins*]
And of course butterfly etude by Chopin, and it is so fast yet contained…you know how a pretty, colourful butterfly will flit from pretty, colourful flower to pretty, colourful flower.
The funeral march by Chopin again…get it, listen to it, my over-elaborate lexicon shall not help. Terrific.
Traveler [Szerelem pay heed] by Satriani is too furious. Whatever happened to the placid tales of travel, the walk on the sand, the inhaling of the sharp mountain air?? Satriani sounds like he is in on his Hayabusa forging onwards to rape some pretty, colourful Japanese chickitas [but I likeeeeeee Satriani, in spite of his naming transgressions]. Terribly disappointed #2.
Saying goodbye aint half bad…redemption rocks! Starry, starry night is perfecto!

I could go on. But a gossip session awaits with some pretty colourful chicks. Do comment.

*yes I do NOT know who it is by. Any help will be appreciated and NOT remunerated.


surajsharma said...

I think Joe Satriani is one of the best homo-erotic interplanetary music composers ever, but seriously my dear, Chopin?

My respect for you grows ever more!.

P.S. - Thanks for reading the worthless drivel + the blogroll thing.

surajsharma said...

ah! and so I was christened The Unloved Frog! by The Rhapsodizing Queen of the Soul-Peering Conglomerate!

I'm officially impressed!

Thank you. For liberating me from the evil chains of the attention deprived desi geek. They had all but perpetuated themselves in my previous self. :)

surajsharma said...

omg! that last comment totally morphed into a poem.

i hope you don't mind a dedication, do you? :)

Confused & Baffled said...

rachmaninoff - 2nd piano concerto

MISSquoted** said...

suraj: i think i have already thanked you for the poem ;-)

confused: am trying to get hold of it...thank you for your suggestion...
might have ask if you have listened to the moonlight sonata by beethoven/mozart??

Confused & Baffled said...

oh yes i have. but now we're talking of two completely different compositions. rachmaninoff's is something quite unique.

Salil said...

Off with your head!!, Satriani, is not all about "he is in on his Hayabusa forging onwards to rape some pretty, colourful Japanese chickitas", there are some rendition's that are extraordinaire!!

I will get back to you on Chopin!